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Mr Jones – live on stage 2019


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One complete song and song samples from the album “the basement files” (2019):

Mr Jones – No More Saturdays
Mr Jones – Keep Me In Your Heart For A While – Sample
Mr Jones – Billy Burroughs – Sample
Mr Jones – Shoulders – Sample



Mr Jones‘ intense songs, that he plays on guitar and sings with a powerful, versatile voice are fascinating for every listener. The mixture of classic American folk music and the immediate neighborhood to the modern singer/songwriter scene make Mr Jones find his very own individual style.

His CDs got many excellent reviews in music journals. „A heartwarming album with songs about love and transience, stories about futility and a quest for harmony“ stated Folker! Magazine.

Born in Germany, he crafted his songwriting and his stage presence by following his idols in the USA. He shared stage with quite a few of them while touring through renowned clubs in Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Holland, England, Scotland, Ireland or the USA. He also recorded his CD ‚Waitin‘ For Me‘ in Houston, TX.

His certain feeling for the Americana genre comes through on his two most recent albums ‚I thought I was already there’ and ‚the basement files’. He finds his very own interpretation of covers of his friends and idols and still leaves them the appeal that made him choose the songs for recording. That makes him kind of like an ambassador of American acoustic music in Europe.

Worldwide radio airplay got him more outstanding reviews and he got adressed as the „only authentic American singer/songwriter in German-speaking territory“ or compared with the „acoustic Neil Young at his best“. Press and radio praise his „music that doesn’t try to be trendy but is unaltered and honest“.

Gigs played (among others)

Amerikahaus, Munich, Germany
Anderson Fair, Houston, Texas
Cactus Café, Austin, TX
Café de Amer, Amen, Holland
E-Werk, Erlangen, Germany
Hotel du Nord, Paris, France
Mc Gonigel’s Mucky Duck, Houston, TX
N9 Villa, Eeklo, Belgium
Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland
Radio Café, Nashville, TN
The Borderline, London, England
The Mercat, Edinburgh, Scotland

Mr Jones has played with Eric Taylor, Ray Wylie Hubbard and Denice Franke and has been a support act for Dick Gaughan, Darrell Scott, Louise Taylor, Andy Irvine, Plainsong and Julian Dawson.


„Mr Jones ‘twas great to hear your songs & your love for the singer/songwriter work.“
(Darrell Scott)

„The man’s German but he sings without any accent and on top of that, delivers music that sounds like it has been written deep in the heart of Texas, music that sounds like part of a soundtrack to a road movie, tunes that evoke deserts, dusty roads, loneliness and mountains and a voice that sounds experienced, true and honest.”
(Raul J. Tejeiro, Top Country Hits, Cabildo Mas 106.7 FM, Uruguay)

„Good songs, light production, fingerpicking and voice filled with emotion.“
(Eric Supparo, Le Cri Du Coyote Magazine, France)

„I really appreciate ‘Back Home Again’ which is a very fine work and contains several excellent songs. Mr Jones’ songwriting not only is in the great tradition of the Texas music scene but – and this is a compliment – sometimes reminds me of those glorious days of the Greenwich Village!“
(Massimo Ferro, Radio Italia, Italy)

„Jones uses ‚Lungs’ by Townes Van Zandt to push this album off from shore into his great gulf of Americana tracks.“
(Judith Gennett, Greenmanreview, USA)

„The German singer-guitarist who rejoices in the enigmatic name of Mr Jones delivered a satisfactory set of Americana mellow music with a message; sweet voiced with a nifty finger-picking guitar style.“
(Edinburgh Evening News, Edinburgh, Scotland)


A few more original and cover song samples from former albums:

Mr Jones – Path Through The Sea – Sample from the album “I thought I was already there” (2011)
Mr Jones – If I Needed You – Sample from the album “I thought I was already there” (2011)
Mr Jones – Waitin’ For Me – Sample from the album “Waitin’ For Me” (2002)
Mr Jones – Lungs – Sample from the album “Waitin’ For Me” (2002)
Mr Jones – White Line Of The Highway – from the album “Back Home Again” (1999)


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