Mr Jones‘ intense songs, that he plays on guitar and sings with a powerful, versatile voice are fascinating for every listener. The mixture of classic American folk music and the immediate neighborhood to the modern singer/songwriter scene make Mr Jones find his very own individual style.

Mr Jones at the TVZ-Festival in Italy (photo by Massimo Meregalli)
Mr Jones Trio with Karin Bichlmeier, Mr Jones and Robert Hasleder

His certain feeling for the Americana genre comes through on his two most recent albums ‚I thought I was already there’ and ‚the basement files’. He finds his very own interpretation of covers of his friends and idols and still leaves them the appeal that made him choose the songs for recording. That makes him an ambassador of American acoustic music in Europe.

Born in Germany, he crafted his songwriting and his stage presence by following his idols in the USA. He shared stage with quite a few of them while touring through renowned clubs in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, England, Scotland, Ireland or the USA. He also recorded his CD ‚Waitin‘ For Me‘ in Houston, TX. Worldwide radio airplay got him more outstanding reviews.

Mr Jones Band with Martin Simboeck, Mr Jones, Hans Noemmer and Rupi Veith

… the next gig …

Freitag, 21. Juni 2024 14 bis 15 Uhr in Braunau
Strassenmusik Stadtmarketing, Unterer Stadtplatz vor Modegeschäft Martina Heller
Mr Jones Duo (mit Karin Bichlmeier)

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… the music …

On the most recent 2022 CD “parts & pieces 2017-2022” you find the first take of the original Mr Jones song named “No More Saturdays”.

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Mr Jones – Lungs
Mr Jones Trio – Colorado
Mr Jones Band – The Weight
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… that is what press and experts say …

„Mr Jones, it was great to hear your songs and your love for the singer/songwriters.“
(Darrell Scott, Grammy nominated Singer/Songwriter and Producer, USA)

„Mr Jones’ road stories sound so authentic – just, as if was born and raised in Texas.“
(Matti Goldschmidt, Folker! Magazine, Germany)

„Not only is the songwriting in the great Texan tradition, sometimes it also reminds me of the glorious days of Greenwich Village.“
(Massimo Ferro, Radio Italia, American Folk, Italy)

„Depth? Absolutely! But with Mr Jones it is not all about soul-wearing burden but a good pinch of wit and self-mockery of someone, who likes to dig deep to find the hidden inner sense, only to then free himself from it to laugh hearty about the good and beautiful things in life.“ (Passauer Neue Presse)

„The title track Waitin‘ For Me (…) is a ballad like Springsteens Philadelphia, that could easily be used as a soundtrack for a movie.“
(Luc Gheldof, Roots Town Music Magazine, Belgien)

… Mr Jones has played venues like …

Amerikahaus, Munich, Germany
Anderson Fair, Houston, Texas, USA
Cactus Café, Austin, Texas, USA
Café de Amer, Amen, Holland
E-Werk, Erlangen, Germany
Folk-Club, Villingen, Germany
Hotel du Nord, Paris, France
Kerrville, Texas, USA (Kerrville Folk Festival – Ballad Tree)
Mc Gonigel’s Mucky Duck, Houston, Texas, USA
N9 Villa, Eeklo, Belgium
Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland
Radio Café, Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Steinenhaus, Solingen, Germany
Teatro di Fontanellato, Fontanellato, Italy
Teatro Sacro Cuore, Figino Serenza, Italy (Townes Van Zandt International Festival)
The Borderline, London, England
The Mercat, Edinburgh, Scotland
Toogenblik, Brüssel, Belgium
Wymeswold Memorial Hall, Leicester, England

… Mr Jones has played the following live radio-shows …

Country Eastern West – JRRI Radio, Waterford, Irland
Folk und Country Corner – Radio ISW, Burgkirchen, Germany
Random Roots – Radio KEOS, Bryan/College Station, Texas, USA
Radio Rijnwoude, Hazerswoude-Rijndijk, Holland

… Mr Jones has shared stage with …

Chris Buhalis
Thom Chacon
Paolo Ercoli
Marco “Python” Fecchio
Denice Franke
Tim Grimm
Ray Wylie Hubbard
“Grandpa Banana” Levinger
Susan Lindfors
Ian Matthews
Andrea Parodi Zabala
Dominik Plangger
Markus Rill
Scarlet Rivera
Eric Taylor

… Mr Jones has supported …

Chuck Brodsky
Peter Cooper & Eric Brace
Julian Dawson
Dick Gaughan
Andy Irvine
James Keelaghan
Suzy Ragsdale
Darrell Scott
Louise Taylor